Dear valued parents

From Term 4, TLS Education would like announce the new grading system which is based on student’s individual progress rather than their grade in school.

We understand this decision might be a cause of confusion for some students and parents. Also, it will need clear preparation from TLS Education too. But, through the discussion with our R & D team and teachers, we have come to a decision to change the grading system.

We hope you understand and there will be no need for concern as most students will remain in their current classes.

The aim of the new grading system is to:

  • improve foundational parts of English such as grammar, spelling, punctuation and sentence structure for those who urgently need it


  • guide and enhance students’ logical thinking process step by step for those who are improving


  • support students’ creativity and conscious mental processes through discussions in class

Please, see the new grading system below;

Previous grading   New grading
Y1    Inspiration I
Y2    Inspiration II
Y3    Communication I
Y4    Communication II
Y5    Commitment I
Y6    Commitment II
Y7 – Y9    Junior Foundation
Y7    Confidence I
Y8    Confidence II
Y9    Leadership I
Y10 – Y12    Senior Foundation
Y10    Leadership II












TLS Education will recommend the grading based on students’ performance

(Using Assessment test, Homework status, Teacher’s opinion and Term test)

Students’ progress will be monitored frequently to for a more specific and appropriate grading


The decision will be made by parents through consultation with TLS

















If you have any questions or opinions regarding the new grading system, please do not hesitate to contact with TLS Education (7807 2004 / 0410 111 660).






TLS Education